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Our team has extensive experience in the provision of hosting services and server rental. Most of the professionals working in our company are familiar with hosting services for more than 5 years and have a great support experience. Based on this experience, we have made an ideal rental server for dedicated servers.


Where does this confidence come from? It's simple. Considering the experience we have gained, we figured out how to provide the perfect service, and implemented it for you. Ordering takes place in a few clicks, if the configuration is popular and is currently ready - its installation will be performed automatically and you will receive access data within 1 hour. If there is no ready configuration, we will make every effort to assemble the server and install it in the rack, most often within 2-12 hours.                     To order a service, you do not need to pass identification - it is enough to specify a minimum of data, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the lease procedure. In your account you will find convenient management of a dedicated server, which intuitively resembles the management of a VPS. And most importantly - our support is always ready to come to your aid and try to solve your problem even if it is outside our competence. Try renting the perfect dedicated servers!